Heath Sisters | An early Spring Kentucky sister session

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Just look at these precious girls!!!! This field was made for them and this early Spring Kentucky sister session 🙂 I couldn’t help myself, but to sing Tom Petty’s song “You belong among a field of wild flowers…” Tom Petty gets played a lot in our family. All of Tommy’s brother’s and father actually covered Tom Petty song’s for one of their sister’s wedding receptions!! And I’m pretty sure that’s all they played. HA!

I can’t tell you the joy I get from being able to watch these two grow up! Emelia Drew and Elsie are FULL of personality and made this session easy peasy. They also made me laugh pretty hard too! Adorable girls, a field of wild flowers and sweet moments… how could this session get any cuter!?! From running between the flower rows to picking them and making a bouquet I’d say they had fun while smiling for the camera 😉

I love how sweet this family is. They used to watch Samuel for me from time to time, let us come over a swim, have meals with us and have always opened up their home to me if I ever needed a place to stay while passing through for weddings or work. Love their hearts and hope these sweet girls see a mommy and daddy that love people well.

Here are just a few (yes only a few because how could I not take a ton with all this cuteness!!!). I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Here is a fall session of this sweet family from a few years back! Look how they’ve grown!!! https://whitneywoodall.com/heath-family/

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