Mercedez & James Nashville Centennial Park
Engagement Session

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DREAMY!!!! I absolutely LOVE when there are unexpected surprises that turn out fabulous!!

For Mercedez and James’ engagement session we were originally shooting for a bright and beautiful sunrise engagement session at Nashville’s Centennial Park. Well, we had lots of rain (literally all week long) and this was to be the first day of sunshine. The sun decided to stay hidden and we had an overcast and misty morning… but it turned out gorgeous. The mist on the water at Centennial Park made their entire session feel so dreamy. It soften the colors and made them pop.

I knew I was going to enjoy this couple when Mercedez told me she was having a tool skirt specifically made for their engagement session! Say What?!?! I love that my clients invest in their photography and desire beautiful portraits just as much as I do. These two had such sweet personalities and I’m pretty sure I might have worn James out by the end of it. My level of energy at 7am isn’t always easy to handle 😉 They were both naturals and their love speaks for itself. I think my favorite part about this session is how they would just talk and laugh in all the perfectly candid ways that a photographer dreams of. I didn’t have to do much of anything except push a button!

Thanks Mercedez and James for a wonderful morning at Centennial Park. I cannot wait for your wedding!!!

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