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Fall and Famil(ies) Session

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Funny title I know I know… I say famil(ies) because ALL my kiddos were present for this session. NO, this is NOT typical, but this family isn’t either! These friends are near and dear to us. We love doing life with them. We have been trying to get in a session for weeks, but after being plagued with that dreadful stomach virus for 2 1/2 weeks (hit each one of us at a different time), moving into a new house and rain, upon rain, upon rain we finally made it happen.

Kristin and Caleb are awesome. We say, “Come hang out for dinner and let me take some pics with all my kids in tow because I couldn’t find a sitter,” and they say, “ALRIGHT!” I love how easy going they are. Kristin is good for me. She is so tender, sweet, meek and I could go on and on. She is a good balance to my loud and more on the rough side personality. She’s a nurse and I think The Lord truly blessed her with such a caring spirit. These two were our very first Nashville friends after we moved here. We love them dearly and so enjoyed getting to hang out a lot this week.

Their kiddos are adorable and we love how they teach ours gentleness. Haha. I dunno if it’s because ours are close in age, the first two are boys… but our kiddos are crazy. They can be described as full of energy, monkeys, turkeys, loud, rough, sassy… you get the picture. There are many great teachable moments between theirs and ours. I love it. Our kiddos love Cole and Grace and constantly ask to go to their house to play. Watching our kiddos grow up together is the best.

Hope you can get a feel of their sweet personalities through their session. Love you Murrays! Enjoy!


Oh and this is me LITERALLY holding my children while shooting 🙂 #MOMPRENEUR over here… #REALLIFE

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